Spray Foam Roofing in Northern Illinois

spray foam roof ladder

Spray foam roofs combine a seamless, jointless roofing material with the added benefit of insulation to create a sustainable roofing option for new or replacement low-slope roofs. Cool roofs can be recoated in the future to extend the life of the roof almost indefinitely. Ultimate Roof Coaters in northern Illinois offers products with several features and benefits.


  • Seamless: A spray foam roof eliminates joints and seams; the number one cause of roof failure.
  • Application: Can be installed on new or replacement flat or low-slope roofs.
  • Thermal Insulation: Adds additional value and a reflective coating that helps lower heating/cooling costs.
  • Cost Effective: A spray foam roof is typically less costly than traditional roofing systems.

Construction & Maintenance Benefits

  • Can be installed over most substrates
  • Weighs much less than a traditional asphalt/gravel roof
  • Easily conforms to unique architectural features
  • Can be repaired and recoated to extend roof life almost indefinitely

How It Works

  • The roof is thoroughly cleaned
  • A primer is applied if needed
  • A closed-cell spray foam insulation is sprayed to the desired thickness
  • The elastomeric coating is applied
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